Karny Jacoby, MD, CPI is the Principal Investigator for Integrity Medical Research and works collaboratively with Urology Northwest, where Dr. Jacoby is a partner. 

Integrity Medical Research consists of the following Sub-Investigators: Dr. James R. Downey, Board Certified Urologist and  Urology Section Head at Northwest Hospital; Mandi Bainton PA-C; and Dr. Marc Kirschner, Board Certified Neurologist.  There is also a financial/regulatory coordinator, as well as 2 full-time clinical research coordinators. The staff has over 25 years combined clinical research experience.

Integrity Medical Research offers the opportunity for patients to receive the newest treatments in urology free of charge. In order to insure that the research patient’s rights and safety are protected, all of the research protocols undergo review and approval from an Institutional Review Board. Each study is also approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). All patients interested in participating in a clinical trial are required to sign an informed consent form, which details the nature of the study, the risks involved, and what may happen to a patient in the study. During the course of the study, Dr. Jacoby and her staff are always available to answer any questions. Your privacy is protected, and your medical records are confidential.

Integrity Medical Research offers flexible scheduling and individualized attention to all our research participants. All study related procedures including lab work, physical exams, EKGs, and imaging studies are conducted at no cost, with most procedures done at our own office. Most studies also offer research patients a small per visit stipend. Health insurance is not needed.

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